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Forms SAMTEX molds for concrete garden statues resin plaster and wax Manufacturer SAMTEX Our company offers high quality flexible silicone resins and latex for the production of garden statues and decorative. Our mold dies used for the casting of columns of figures, fountains, vases, stucco, candles, statues of utility and design with our forms can make castings from resin, plaster, concrete and wax. For the production of forms we use the highest quality materials, proven long-standing practice. Our forms are checked and durable. The company has about 2000 thousand. own models to the forms. We also models of individual customer orders.

Casting molds - the offer includes a large selection of:
- Models of garden statues
- Animal Figures
- Columns
- Fontana
- Vases
- Decorative Moldings
- Candles
- Figures of the holy
- Bench
- Tables
- Elements

The company carries out life-size forms of animals, forms of advertising elements on a scale of 1:1. Samtex Nowa Sol - forms for concrete molds for casting plaster, stucco molds, molds for candle wax and molds. Casting resin, plaster, concrete and wax.

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67-106 Modrzyca
ul. E. Plater 42
Polska - Lubuskie

tel.: +48 608 430 566